Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hardcore Fun with the GF85 AEG Sniper Rifle
Hardcore Fun with the GF85 AEG Sniper Rifle
If you're looking for realism and truthful depiction, the GF85 AEG Sniper Rifle is a precise reproduction of the Swedish AK5. As you know, the Swedish AK5 is the service assault rifle issued to members of the Swedish Armed Forces. You know it's hardcore when they use this real-life rifle in ruthless warfare and terrain conditions. The same uncompromising toughness and unshakable reliability can be found in its airsoft counterpart.

You have probably searched the Internet for airsoft weapons and came across a great deal of them. But that's the easy part. The real challenge lies in choosing the right rifle. Searching for that one gun that fits you best is its most challenging element.

GF85 AEG Sniper Rifle Specs and Features

To keep your search for an airsoft gun quick, here it goes: deck out with the GF85 AEG Sniper Rifle. Would like to know why? This airsoft weapon can hold up to the strenuous airsoft needs. Where other airsoft guns will just give you headaches and difficulty on the field, the GF85 AEG Sniper Rifle won't conk out on you. Here are a couple more reasons why you should choose this gun over the others.

This airsoft gun is of the precise size and scale as the real Swedish AK5. Having a thick metal body, this airsoft rifle is also robust and strong in its physical composition. There are front and rear sights mounted on top of the gun; the front sight also have a flip-up grenade launcher sight. And for the airsoft big boys who want a sense of realism, they'd sure love to hear the sound produced when you pull its charging handle.

The GF85 AEG Sniper Rifle's hand guard and retractable rear end- stock is also just like the real Swedish AK5. Some airsoft experts noted, however, its magazine is a bit longer by a centimeter compared to the basic airsoft mag. Nevertheless, this rifle has a shooting velocity of around 360 fps and fires one-shot single, three-shot burst, and full auto. The overall decree: the GF85 AEG Sniper Rifle is one incredible piece of metal-body firepower.

Imagine doing cold-temperature, night incursions on the airsoft field; the cold, breezy air blowing as your maneuver your way across under the cover of darkness. You can depend on this airsoft weapon's efficiency without worry. After all, this rifle was designed after the Swedish AK5. Grab your GF85 AEG Sniper Rifle on or at your local fun shop.

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